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Memorial Day Weekend!

In the winter of 1874, Alferd Packer was hired to lead a group of prospectors through the San Juan Mountains from the winter campsite of Chief Ouray located near the present-day Delta, Colorado.  By the time the men had reached the foot of Slumgullion Pass, the men had even chewed the leather from their boots. Starvation was upon them. What was a man to do to survive the winter of 1874?  Six weeks later, Packer appeared alone at the Los Pinos Indian Agency near Saguache. There he told the sad tale of losing his fellow miners in a snowstorm, but he seemed well fed and was spending money freely from several wallets. The story began to unfold when strips of human flesh were found. A search party found the bodies of the missing men at the foot of Slumgullion Pass. They had apparently been murdered and showed evidence of being cannibalized.

 Read more about the story of Alferd Packer.

Weekend activities include family-friendly, historical, back-country survival, and athletic events. See the full 2017 Schedule of Events for Packer Days.




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In memory of Packers' victims, the

“Run for Your Life” Survival 5k

will present a course of backcountry survival tasks that participating teams must successfully complete along the route.  Find more information on the Survival 5k.

The afternoon will include the awards ceremony at the Mystery Meat Cook-off where chefs present their mystery dish for competition.






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